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Do you tell your date you have Bipolar Disorder?

Sharing your mental illness diagnosis is a very personal thing. Who you tell and how you tell them is completely up to you. So, do you have to tell your date you have bipolar disorder?

There are a few things to consider. The first is this horrible thing called stigma. Some people will think you are less of a person because you have a mental illness. Some people would rather not date someone with a mental illness because they don’t understand it. This does not say something about you, but rather something about them. Stigma is an ugly, ugly ignorant thing.  


Find strength through every struggle, because the things you have been through have made you the person you are Today.

Checkout this website, at your own risk….

I stumbled upon this website loaded with tons of information about Borderline Personality Disorder, but beware reading these articles WILL most likely pull out memories from your past and make you see the REAL you!!!. Read with caution and take in this new found enlightenment with an open mind. Although I don’t think it was meant to make us feel even worse about ourselves on purpose it does…. I think my mouth was open in aw of all that I was reading and relating too. I would love some feed back if you do go to the site and read up.

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