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Meaningful Breathing

Zen Breathing

Breathing is more than a physical act. Breathing is a process that awakens us to the present moment – and a single deep breath can change the texture of your day.

Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh describes breathing as a bridge that connects the body and the soul. When we inhale, we become aware of our true spirituality – to be conscious of breath is to be conscious of existence. When we inhale, we return to our physical selves, remembering the need to nurture our bodies and minds.

Deep breathing can be a challenge whenever we feel rushed or stressed. Yet the potential for tranquility rests within every deep breath you take. Start slow, and think of each breath as a tiny meditation. After a short while, you may begin to see this practice for what it really is – the chance for you to connect with something greater than the outside world. The chance to connect with what lies within.

One deep breath is all it takes to find peace within. One SMILE is all it takes to share this peace with others..

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